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Distinctions Coaching Program: Pay in Full


the time is now to invest in your own well-being, enjoy holistic heart health, and transform the world

What you'll get from this monthly program:

  • valuable resources
  • accountability & inspiration 
  • worthiness & belonging

Enjoy everyday enlightenment. Explore more deeply your relationships with Self, Other, Spirit. HOW?

Make One Commitment (declare your Moonshot)

Be Specific


Share in a Group


System of Success

A Long-Term Plan


The promise: get out of chronic busyness and overwhelm and get into committed action, feel the magic, find inspiration and accountability and surrender into grace and ease. 

Each month features:

  • New moon intention setting for that Realm
  • Full moon celebrations for that Realm
  • Weekly training on the distinction
  • Panel interview for each Realm
  • Writing Prompts
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Accountability & Inspiration (A&I) group in Kajabi
  • surprise coaching opportunities (Q&A with Amy E)

Just imagine a life of energy, integration, integrity and a golden opportunity to be of maximum service to an uplifted, transformed world. I promise we will have fun in the process.

We will explore each of the 12 distinctions of an extraordinary life from Moonshot: aim high, dive deep, live an extraordinary life. Each lunar month features a different Realm. Realm of Resilience: (distinctions 1-4), Realm of Compassion: (distinctions 5-8), Realm of Service: (distinctions 9-12)

  1. trust
  2. focus
  3. repair
  4. faith
  5. clarity
  6. openness
  7. reactivation
  8. energy
  9. interdependence
  10. responsibility
  11. generosity
  12. consciousness

[this is not a substitute for mental health or conventional treatment ]